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NRC Sport glasses, created with innovative and performing materials, to live your sport desire in total freedom. ZEISS lenses in Nylon, photochromic in NXT and adjustable solutions, NRC glasses are designed with a revolutionary technology that makes them perfect for cyclists and any sportsman. Made in ITALY.

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ZEISS Super Nylens 2.0

Optical quality 70% higher than Polycarbonate (with which almost all sports glasses are assembled), unprecedented strength and lightness. Nylon is used only in the luxury market for glasses costing over 400 Euro. In short: the best ZEISS lens ever, capable of outperforming any industry standard.

The quality is certified by ZEISS that, in collaboration with our R&D department, has led to raise the bar even higher with the reduction of chromatic aberrations and increased sharpness thanks to an ABBE coefficient of 73% higher than the lenses chosen by competitors and even higher than mineral glass.

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Our ZEISS Nylon lenses exceed all normal international standards going far beyond because they are the only ones in the world certified with the same parameters applied to ophthalmic lenses for an even higher performance, which makes every NRC eyewear a top of the range product at the best price on the market.

NOTE: Sunglasses using original ZEISS lens have the semi-visible logo lasered on the lens. Look for it on NRC models to ensure you are purchasing an original product guaranteed by NRC and ZEISS.


Ri-Pel® Treatment

Lenses for protected and perfect vision in all conditions: the patented Ri-Pel® hydrophobic treatment by ZEISS is another cutting-edge technology, the result of years of continuous experimentation aimed at constant improvement.

Treatment that makes the lenses water and oil repellent, reducing traces of sweat, dirt and helping the flow of raindrops that would compromise the wearing experience. A further innovation at the service of your safety.

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Darkness and Light, Opaque and Glossy are alternatives that cannot be reconciled. The existence of one implies the absence of the other.

ALMATT+® is the patent that mix these two concepts and allows the creation of unique lenses with a matt base and shiny designs, creating pure and perfect contrasts. ALMATT+® is the matt core of NRC, the only brand with this revolutionary technology.

The time required for production is 12 times longer than a standard lens. 7 layers of treatments, hydrophobic, oleophobic and a premium anti-scratch make ALMATT+® the most complete, refined and exclusive lens in the world of sport.

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Hand-made in Italy

NRC's sunglasses aren't "just" entirely Made in Italy. NRC's sunglasses are also HAND-MADE in Italy.

We keep every step of the production here in Italy - the only way to reach excellence - and we design our eyewear to be perfect in every tiny detail. That's why we don't "just" create eyewear. Every day we aim to redefine the concept of eyewear itself, producing ONLY 7 sunglasses in an hour: a true work of craftsmanship, that we are proud to offer you every single time.



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