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Cycling and running without changing your eyewear. Wide field of views and a superior optical quality compared to any other brand, even purer than mineral glass lenses.


The only one in the world to choose Nylon (NOT Polycarbonate) by ZEISS for the entire collection, which was used before only in the luxury market. NRC’s superNYLENS have 70% higher purity and 20% lower weight, they’re non-deformable and they include Hydrophobic and Oleophobic treatment certified by ZEISS. 


Accurate and steady thanks to the grip guaranteed by the adjustable nose pad, perfect fit for men and women. X1RR (Race Ready) has been designed to be the best in high intensity activities.


₹13,900.00 Regular Price
₹11,120.00Sale Price
Taxes Included
  • Frame material: TR90
    Frame Colour: WHITE ICE
    Lens Material: PA NYLON BPA Free
    Lens Colour: Super GREEN
    UV Protection: 2
    Curvature: 7
    Shape: Spherical
    Bridge: 16mm
    Lens Size: 131mm
    Weight: 26,8gr
    Pantoscopic angle: 10°
    Temples: 125mm - Adjustable nose pads

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