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If you are located in Chennai or Bengaluru, you can buy and pick-up a ready to ride bike from our showroom located at these locations.


If you are located outside Chennai / Bengaluru and is purchasing a bike from our us, you have few options for FIRST ASSEMBLY.


1 ) This option is called POSSTFix by and is available in select cities like Kochi, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Pune. Once your bike is delivered, a agent will contact you to confirm a date and time to complete the assembly of your POSST, help you with a basic bike fit and test ride. With the addition of new franchises, service will be available in more areas soon. 

2) You can take the bike to a local bike shop for assembling, or call your riding friend to help fix your bike.

3) You can do it yourself, it is simple and is guided though our Quick Set Up Manual and Tools inside the bicycle box. You can also reach us for any help. Call 91768 33555.

How POSSTfix by work (in select cities as mentioned above) for First Assembly..

1. Once you have completed the purchase for your new bike on website, you will receive an order confirmation and an email, outlining the next steps.

2. Once the bike has arrived or even as it is on its way, a agent will contact you to confirm a date and time for the bike assembly. 

3. Once your bike is assembled and set up, you can go for a quick test ride to ensure everything is to your liking.

4. The mechanic will only depart once you are completely satisfied.



Our recommendations to service your POSST is 1) by POSST if you are located in Chennai / Bengaluru; 2) our service partner, in select cities; 3) a professional mechanic in your city. Your local bike repair shop may not be affiliated with POSST and may not stock POSST specific spare parts. If you require any specific part not available with your local repair shop, give us a call, we can always courier you the part from Chennai.

If both or a local bike shop options are not available for you, please send the bike to POSST facility at Chennai / Bengaluru for service. Important note: always keep your bike box. Use it to pack your bike safely before sending it to us for service. You pay for the cost of sending us the bike, and we pay to send it back to you after the service.

Note, initial ‘first out of box’ assembly and two scheduled service by POSST or by is FREE. The first service is within 30 days and second within 6 months from date of purchase. Thereafter you have to pay for service.

My bike needs a service. How do I book

You can contact POSST to make a service appointment or go to and choose your service package, date and time for your appointment using their booking platform. Note, initial ‘first out of box’ assembly and two scheduled service within 6 months from purchase is free of cost. POSSTFix by is available at select franchisees of company, more will be added soon.

I have a warranty issue. Can I check it with or a local bike shop?

No, in case of warranties please contact the POSST Team directly who will assess the situation and help find a solution.

Do you stock Campagnolo Spare Parts?

Yes. We consulted Campagnolo to prepare a list of groupset and wheelset spare parts. We have stock of these spare parts at Chennai. Our service and repairs, including spare parts will be available only for our products/customers.

Is maintaining a POSST bike expensive?

Yes and No. All performance bikes are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. Take care of your bike well and it will last for a longer time, mostly a lifetime.


Is Campagnolo products and parts expensive?

There is a notion that Campagnolo parts are very expensive. Yes, some of the higher end group products are expensive than the other brands. But our OE groups on Object, Oblique and Oban is Centaur, EKAR and Chorus respectively. These are priced right for the performance you get from them. Infact in retail market a Centaur groupset is less priced than their equivalent groups from other brands. But you will not find a Campy in every other bike due to its OE pricing policy. That's a different topic altogether.

Below we give the price of Centaur parts vs another brand. Please note that in most of the cases you don't have to replace a whole unit in Campagnolo, because of the extensive spare parts that is available. The Campy policy is restore or repair, not replace. The price of Campy replacement parts is almost same or marginally more. Our prices are better because we buy directly from Campagnolo. Please remember, the durability and longevity of Campagnolo parts are the best in the industry. 

Centaur Parts Price.png
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