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POSST OBJECT comes with Rex Domestique ultra-low friction, all-condition, solvent free, non-vaporising wax-based elastic liquid chain lube. This new, premium quality chain lube from Finland is made by ski wax brand Rex, known for producing exceptional quality ski waxes. Dyno-tested against 55 other lubes by two acknowledged independent laboratories, Rex chain lube was the lowest friction lube the laboratories had ever tested. Combined with high elasticity and excellent water repellency, it outperformed mineral oil and solvent-based lubes by a significant margin. 


Wipe the the chain with a cloth or tissue until it appears clean. Apply lube 1 drop per roller. Thorough cleaning is only needed if the chain extremely contaminated. Depending on conditions, typical relubrication interval is usually 500 km.     

There is black gunk on my chain and cassette, why?
To keep accumulation of wax residue at minimum, always wipe the chain with a cloth or tissue before applying Rex Domestique again. This keeps the chain and cassette cleaner in continuous use. The dirt repellent additives of Rex Domestique push the dirt on the outer surface of the chain. Despite dirty appearance, the inside of the chain remains clean. You can prove this by twisting the chain with your hands. It won't sound and feel gritty. Applying too much lube will also make the drivetrain look messy. Apply one drop for each chain link.

The lube won't come out of the bottle, why?
Apply Rex Domestique at room temperature. The lube is more fluid in warm temperature.

Should i degrease the chain before each application?

We recommend degreasing with Rex Chain Cleaner and a chain cleaning device before you begin using Rex Domestique, to ensure that previously used lubricant won't affect its performance. When using Domestique regularly, only wiping with cloth is needed before reapplying the lube. A thorough cleaning is only needed after riding in extreme conditions..

My chain is making noise just after 20 km, what is the problem?

The longevity of the lubrication is extremely dependant on the conditions. 500 km with one lubrication can be easily achieved in dry summer conditions on a road bike, but the same distance in muddy MTB conditions can even wear your chainrings and cassette to bad condition, no matter which lubricant you use.  So the clean/wipe and reapplication of the lube depends on your riding condition.

You can buy REX products from our store at Chennai or online at

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