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The Carryygum handlebar tension strap is your new mini carrier for everything that needs to be transported spontaneously, so that the hands remain on the handlebars.

Space-saving, light, flexible and the ideal addition to bicycle.

Use : fitted in just a few steps – attach the handlebar tension strap at three points using the Velcro fastener on the handlebar.


Pros : Carry sandwiches, jackets, parcels, lunchboxes and much more. Quickly clamped onto the handlebars.

Robust : Carryygum is made of weather-resistant material, so you can use the tthe all year round and in all weather conditions - and the large bicycle basket front or back stays at home.


Colour : Black

Weight : 35 gms


IMPORTANT NOTICES and Instruction to attach the strap can be found on the package. Fit only as instructed. 


Taxes Included
  • The product is intended to be used to transport suitable objects on a bicycle.

    The product is not a toy!

    The product is designed for personal use only and is not intended for commercial applications.

    The product should only be used as described in these instructions for use. Any other use is deemed to be improper.

    Do not leave children and animals unsupervised with the product.

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