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Campagnolo SCIROCCO wheelset.

Campagnolo SCIROCCO wheelset on POSST Object.

A new 35 mm high profile, G3 spoke lacing pattern, stainless steel aero spokes, anti-spoke rotation technology, aluminium hub, steel bearings, aerodynamic, responsive and lightweight makes Scirocco one of the best endurance alloy clincher wheelset.

The 35mm rim depth aids lateral rigidity and has aerodynamic benefit that keeps them stable on a descent in gusty winds. The rims are balanced to equalise the rotational mass of the valve using Campagnolo’s Dynamic Balance process. The joints are welded for integrity and the braking track is milled smooth for smoother, more efficient stopping.

Campagnolo’s unique G3 spoke pattern comprises groups of three parallel straight-pull spokes, arranged in a 2:1 ratio. Having twice as many spokes on one side allows wheels with G3 to counteract the asymmetric drivetrain and braking forces acting on them, creating more symmetric performance and equalising the load.


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