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Campagnolo CENTAUR rim brakes.

POSST Object is equipped with Campy's new dual-pivot rim brake layouts used in front and rear, along with forged aluminum construction and a new pad compound that Campagnolo says will eventually permeate the rest of the line.

Forged aluminum solid brake arms - adjustable brake pads. A special brake pad compound, reducing braking distance in both dry and wet conditions. The most appreciated brake pads on the market. Combined with Scirocco wheelset, there is increased stiffness and braking surface precision allowing a smoother progressive braking. Maintenance? a simple, literally anyone’s diy.

The simplicity of cable-actuated rim brakes has plenty of upsides. Parts are generally cheap and widely available. Rim brake systems are easy to repair when needed – even on the side of the road, or in the middle of nowhere with limited availability of spare parts. Rim brakes are also easy to adjust, unlike some disc brake systems, where disc brake rub and squealing can be persistent issues. On top of that, it’s worth pointing out that the latest rim brake systems are better than ever, particularly on mid to high-end groupsets, and provide plenty of stopping power on tap.


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