You can order a POSST bike through our website or by visiting our showroom Chennai / Bengaluru.

When can i expect my bike?

All our frames are handmade in India. We have limited capacity to produce. Frames in all sizes and all colours may not be available at all times. We have a structured production program for frame sizes and colours. When the size and colour is in stock, we normally take 5 days to build and ship out. If the frame is not in stock, but we have all tubes ready to weld and finish, it take approximately 35 days to produce and ship the complete bike after the order date depending on our schedule  and your choice. 

We strongly suggest you to contact us by phone before you order online, and the delivery date and options can be discussed in detail.

How do i see which bikes are in stock?

When ordering your bike, you can immediately see if they are in stock or not. 

Which frame size do you need?

Even if you do not have a BikeFit done, you can easily determine which sizes you need from the illustration and geometry on our webpage page. If you already have a bike and it is comfortable, you can of course adopt your current size. We are also available by phone to advise you if you have any doubts.

Please note that all POSST bikes are shipped as illustrated and described – selecting alternative component configurations is not currently possible. However there is a choice of sizes of stems, handlebars, spacers. You can also order Frameset or Frameset with components but without groupset and wheelset.

Your inseam measurement.

Measure your inseam in bare feet and with cycling shorts on. If possible, ask a second person for help. Stand straight with your back against a wall. Now take a spirit level (or a book) and clamp it between your legs. With both hands, pull the spirit level (or book) up to your pubic bone, as if you were sitting on the saddle. Now measure the distance from the top of the spirit level (or book) to the ground. This is your inseam. 

What if I'm in between two sizes?

You can choose the frame size that best suits your personal preference and riding style. The smaller bike is lower and shorter, so you will assume a more compact position. The bike will feel more agile and lively. The larger bike is longer and higher, so you are more stretched. This results in a more stable ride and more speed when driving on flat roads.

What is you saddle height?

The 109% method is a standardized way to determine the saddle height for your bike. When you calculate 109% of your inseam (inseam x 1.09) you get a theoretical value for your optimal saddle height relative to the axis of your pedal. Your crank arm is aligned in line with the seat tube. So it is actually the longest possible distance between your saddle surface and your pedal axle. Of course this is a theoretical starting point and a bike fitter can advise you even more precisely based on the unique properties of your body.

The exact length of your stem is important when your bike is completely adapted to the results of your bike fitting. It determines how far you have to reach to get to your handlebars and therefore your positioning. If you do not have any instructions or preference, it is best to use our standard stem length that is in proportion to your frame size. 

The width of your handlebar corresponds to your shoulder width. Measure this to see if our standard handlebar width for the bike size suits your body. It is important to measure between the joint points of your shoulders and not the outside of the shoulders. Ultimately, your hands in the braces or on the grips will be in a straight line to your shoulder joint. This gives the most comfortable position while cycling.

At what length do we cut your steerer tube and how many headset spacers do you want below and above your stem?
When you order your POSST bike online, we will contact you by phone before the end of the next working day. Together we check everything again and give extra advice where necessary. 

Your bike is carefully packed in a sturdy box. When unpacking, you will have to take a few simple steps to make it ready for use.

Can i still adjust my bike after ordering?

We will always contact you by telephone before we start building your bike. During that telephone contact it is possible to request any adjustments. Adjustments to the chosen configuration are possible if our stock permits it. Other adjustments will be examined and if possible implemented.

Can i trade in my old bike with you?

No, we do not offer this option.

Can i take a test drive?

We have a few test bikes available in limited sizes at our place in Chennai / Bengaluru. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for a test drive.